Fitzcarraldo is a rustic Northern Italian restaurant located in Bushwick.  Inspired by the slow food movement in Northern Italy, we seek to provide a farm to table experience by selecting the highest quality ingredients available in and around New York.  Our cuisine is inspired by the seafood of the Italian Riviera and the vegetables of the Alps, in particular those of Liguria.

In the coming months, Fitzcarraldo will be transforming our mission from restaurant into restaurant cum arts and sustainability platform.  We’ll remain open for dinner service on Friday and Saturday.  Sunday through Thursday, we’ll be using our space and partnership with Livestream to pursue 4 objectives in line with our values.


1. We’ll be offering all registered 501(c)(3) entities 40% off private events.
2. We’ll be offering discounted pricing to all local art galleries for events after openings.
3. We’ll be hosting pop-ups of innovative restaurants and bars from around the world Monday-Thursday.
4. We’ll be hosting a talks series centered every Sunday, followed by a communal Sunday Supper for $10 and after party.

Our site will be changed to reflect our new mission in the coming days.  If you’re interested in working with us, please contact  If you have questions about our mission, please contact

We have been inspired by the actions, however small, of writers, entrepreneurs, and activists who have made progress against income inequity and climate change through their actions.   Up until now, we’re kept our focus on serving healthy food for fair prices with a focus on lower carbon footprint plants.  It’s simply not enough.  We look forward to adding Fitzcarraldo to the growing group of business looking to do more than simply profit.


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